Achieve Diaper Freedom with Confidence

The Bambini Method is a personalized toilet-training blueprint that empowers both parents and children.

About The Bambini Method

The Bambini Method is a complete resource guide to best navigate the tremendous milestone of toilet training. We provide the guidance, tools, and resources to create a positive learning experience for children as young as 15 months to feel independent and understood while achieving diaper freedom. Our innovative system includes personal coaching, children's books, songs, flashcards, activity book, animated series, pediatric expert panel chats, group support meetings, and even meetings with the “Diaper Fairy”.

“It is my personal goal to help each child grow into independent, confident and loving human beings.”

Hey there, I'm Carol Segal, toilet training expert and author of 'I can do it!' Toilet Learning. With The Bambini Method, I offer a foolproof approach to toilet training that empowers and instills confidence in your child. Over 20+ years, I've helped countless families achieve diaper freedom with ease. Creating a nurturing atmosphere of confidence, positivity and pride can enhance your child's ability to develop control and independence.

These skills form the foundation of a productive life, and can be reinforced by instilling a sense of assurance, optimism and self-respect in children from an early age. I aim to transform your family's outlook on toilet training by providing a gentle approach, innovative tools, and a proven method for success. Together, we'll pave a natural path that ignites your child's potential in mastering toileting.

Chat With Carol

Ready to say goodbye to diapers and hello to independence?

Look no further than the Bambini Method!

Available for parents with children of any age and learning ability, the bambini method makes toilet learning easy and enjoyable with tips for communication, readiness, and successful bathroom setup.

Our program covers everything from communication to accidents, night training to traveling, all while featuring expert advice and healthy recipes. With three convenient ways to work with me directly, a membership service that includes all necessary resources, and easy access to a book and animated series, you'll have everything you need to succeed!

Let’s chat and kick-start your journey to diaper freedom! This call is for anyone looking to learn the effective steps to ditch diapers naturally. It's never too early to achieve toilet learning success.

Feeling overwhelmed and need immediate direction? Our Crisis Call will pinpoint what's causing your child's anxiety with potty training and explore solutions to get back on track towards independence!

Join us for a magical meeting with "The Diaper Fairy"! Miss Carol will read her book, sing her song, and talk about transitioning to big-kid status. Afterward, she'll share valuable insights on meeting your child's needs.

Looking for complete support and excellent parenting tools to make potty training easy?

Look no further than the Bambini Method's 3-month all-inclusive academy!

Join Bambini Method Academy to access our app and unlock a world of tools and expertise at your fingertips! Benefit from accountability partners and learn from the best parenting experts. Beyond toilet training, get advice from game-changing pediatric experts such nutritionists, discipline specialists, sleep coaches, and child psychologists! Join now to get access to exclusive resources and jump into a stress-free potty training experience!

Our Bambini Method Academy App Includes:

  • The road map to toilet training

  • Equipment list

  • Sequence page/cards

  • Coloring pages

  • Video Library

  • Traveling Guide

  • Recipes to help with constipation

  • Interviews from experts who can help support in the toileting process

  • Access to a student portal and a private Facebook group.

The Book:

I Can Do It Toilet Learning

Join your child in a fun and playful potty training experience! "I Can Do It Toilet Learning" book guides you through every step - from saying goodbye to diapers to washing hands. With entertaining visuals, valuable tips, and loving support, it's an enjoyable read for both you and your little one. Get ready for big smiles and happy potty times!

How Does Your Child Learn Best?

I can do it Toilet Training Book


Our Song

Role Modeling

Animated videos

Bambini Method App

Your Free Roadmap to Success

Download Our FREE Roadmap to Toilet Training and Help Your Child go From Diapers to Underpants Naturally


Sara was having the same problems until now...

"Carol is so knowledgeable when it comes to potty training toddlers! The advice and guidance she was able to give me in a 15 minute phone call was incredible, and saved me hours of internet research. I can’t wait to give potty training my son a try with my new-found confidence, thanks to Carol!

I highly recommend her services!"

• Sara Lee, NY

Maysaa was having the same problems until now...

"I went to Carol desperate and needed guidance as my 3 year old was refusing to use the potty (or toilet) for pooping. She was supportive and provided the necessary information for me to CALM down and together we drew up a bit of an action plan. Her professionalism and knowledge was amazing and I really enjoyed the reassurance she brought to the sessions. She even checked up on me & my son, how nice! And yes, my son now poops in the potty! woohoo!Thank you Carol."

• Maysaa, Australia

Jenny was having the same problems until now...

"Carol is wonderful to work with! She took the time to listen to our struggles with potty training and provided customized, thoughtful recommendations for us to try. She actively checked in to see how things were going and offered revised solutions based on where we were in the journey."

• Jenny S, Florida


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